In the light of the rapid development movement experienced by the GCC countries during the past decades, and the accompanying renaissance at all levels, with which development projects and infrastructure services in all parts of the GCC, -thank God and his preference-, and with the kind care of the Rulers; there was a need to bring in more foreign workforce to help contribute to economic growth for development and construction to improve infrastructure across the region.

Guided by the directives of their Majesties and Highnesses, Rulers of the GCC countries in maintaining health security measures across the GCC societies, the latest of which was the resolution of the Supreme Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council at its 37th session of December 2016 in the Kingdom of Bahrain; the thirty-eighth conference of Council of Ministers of Health of the GCC states (Shaaban 1415H January 1995) has decided that the Health Council (former Executive Office) should develop a program for the medical examination of expatriates to the GCC States and the formation of a committee of specialists composed of a member from each country of the GCC to develop health requirements and conditions for medical examinations of expatriates; to identify clinical, laboratory and radiation tests to ensure the physical and psychological safety of expatriates, which might cause potential threat to the security and safety of the Gulf society.

The Gulf Health Council, in cooperation with GCC Member States, prepared the proposed draft provisions to regulate the working program of the expatriate workforce, which included the duties and obligations of the relevant bodies of the program and the standards to be met by the health centers which are tasked of conducting medical examinations. These regulations were adopted by the Ministers of Health of the GCC countries under Resolution No. (4) of 2001 on at the 51st Conference in May 2001. In response to developments in the medical field, these regulations have been amended and updated more than once to achieve the objectives of the GCC States. Since its establishment in 1995, the Health Council, in cooperation with Member States has expanded the umbrella of the program to include most labor-exporting countries.

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